Monday, July 10, 2017

The Mailman Always Brings Treats

© Robin Edmundson, 'The mailman always brings treats', watercolor, framed 27 x 33 inches.  $650


I got stuck on this one at one point and put it up for my critique group to look at.  I thought it needed some vultures and I got some great ideas from the group about the birds on the wire, too.  In the end, I did both because when I covered up either set on the transparency I tried it out on first, I missed it.   Plus, I regularly see that many birds hanging out all over the place here, so it felt natural.

It's at the framer now getting all dressed up for the Big Show in August and September.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Three Red Cows

© Robin Edmundson, 'Three red cows', watercolor, framed 18 x 22 inches.   $350.

I think a lot about limited palette studies.   Choose just a few colors and use only those for the whole painting.   It's easy for winter studies, not so easy for summer studies.   For this one I chose Azo Green, Indigo and Pyrrol Orange.   Basically a red/yellow/blue.   As I was contemplating the composition, I knew the cows had to be red so red they are.

It was fun to really look at cows to paint them.   What I usually see in the fields nearby are big black blobs with tails.  Then there was that one time when the neighbor's cow escaped into one of our fields close to the house.  I looked out and saw what I was sure was a dinosaur passing between the trees.  [I'm a sheep person, not a cow person]  Of course that might have had something to do with having just seen all of the Jurassic Park movies.   [#1 and #4 are my faves]

At any rate, since I am not a cow person, I had to really look at cows for the first time.   One of the things I love about painting is that it forces me not to just see something, but to really look at it.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Fall Grazing

© Robin Edmundson, 'Fall grazing',watercolor, framed 18 x 22 inches.  $350

This one is done.  Thanks to the comments I have a good title for it.   [Thanks, Annie!]

Here is the previous version if you'd like to compare the two.

What a difference a few shadows make!

Friday, June 30, 2017

Purple Carrots

Photo: Lily Jenness [my oldest kiddo]
I have four sisters.  They are some of the most interesting people I've ever met.  This year, one of them decided this was her 'Year of Yes'.  Yes to new things, people, experiences.  A year to stretch that comfort zone.   This is remarkable because by and large we are a family of introverts.  Introverts with really great social skills.

My word for the year is 'Magnetic'.  It's a powerful word, full of import.  I have been careful to behave in a way likely to attract things that are long-term sustainable and healthy.   It has also really stretched my comfort zone.

I found myself trying things one more time.  Re-framing a problem.  Changing a mindset.  Looking at things in new ways.   Being brave.  Trying new things.  Trying again.  And again.  Sharing, sharing, sharing.

Which brings me to the carrots.   I have planted carrots a dozen years and gotten nothing but knotty, bitter, buggy, nasty things.   But I found a packet of seed for the purple ones this year when I was planting everything else and thought, 'Well.  I've got room for a small row in a new place.  We'll try again. One more time.'

Et voila'!  Some of the most beautiful carrots ever.  And get this....They're DELICIOUS, too.  

So here's my gift to you:  Whatever it is you've been thinking about - Try one more time.  Think about it in a new way. Say, 'Yes'.  You already are magnetic.

All my love to you-

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Double Mist

© Robin Edmundson, 'Double Mist, October',  20 x 24 inches framed.  

This is a piece I did a few months ago.  Once in a while we get a double layer of mist over the fields. It's magical on a bright fall morning.

I'm having prints made and they will be available at the show.  And soon, in the shop section on my art site.
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