Monday, March 28, 2011

Guess that bird...

These beauties visit us off and on all year. They have a beautiful song.   This is a male; the females are striped and brown. 
 Hint: These are quite "homely" birds.  Extra points if you can tell me the name of the bird it's often confused with.

Answer below the fold...
Answer: House Finch  carpodacus mexicanus.   

Often confused with Purple Finch carpodacus purpureus


  1. Cute clue!

    We don't confuse house and purple finches, but once I confused a female purple finch with a female rose-breasted grosbeak, and now the kids won't stop teasing me. Making one little mistake...sheesh!

  2. Teresa, I know what you mean! Those 'brown' birds all look alike. Besides, both of those females have the light eyebrow.

    I always want to tell my brown birds to stand still until I get the bird book out to confirm an ID. They never do.

  3. LOL! Yeah, dang birds never listen to us. ;)

  4. Hey you just answered my question as to what bird is always at my bird feeder-thank you so much, girl.


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