Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rural meets Technical

I am re-doing my website.  I moved to a new ISP host and the files didn't travel well.  [My homepage won't open, but the link bar does so you can still navigate to the important stuff.   It's kind of like climbing in to the site through the window.]   I did a lot of swearing and whining and worrying and then I got to work. 

I now speak html.  And CSS.   And Dreamweaver. 

I feel like someone's Crazy Aunt Sally - who speaks a little Italian - so you take her with you on your trip to Italy.   When you get there, you realize that the only Italian she knows is "Where is the circus and why is your alpaca sitting on my foot?'.    Unfortunately, that's more Italian than you know, so you're at her mercy.  

My website is at the mercy of Crazy Aunt Sally.   

The good news is that Crazy Aunt Sally is getting more and more fluent every day thanks to and the Adobe support site and, and and Dreamweaver CS5 for Dummies.   Last weekend I rebuilt my homepage from scratch.  You can see it on the computer screen in the photo.  It only took 12 hours.   Now I have to add seven more pages.  

I'm thinking this might be a longer term project than I thought.
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