Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The big creek

I love our creeks.   We have four: the one on the east end of the property, in the hollow where the saw grass grows  [Don't go in there with shorts on.  I found out the hard way];  the little one that's mostly run-off on the east side of the house, where the acorus calumus grows [it smells like oranges when you crush the leaves];  the medium sized one on the west side of the garden, where the ducks hang out; and the big creek at the foot of the big hill across the road, where the waterfalls are.    They're all beautiful.

The big creek has a blue shale bed.    It really is blue.     After a storm, when the bottom has been scrubbed clean by fast water, the blue really shows up.   It's gorgeous against the white limestone outcroppings.  

The limestone layer on top has been carved in amazing patterns.    The cuts in this rock are 2-3 inches deep.

 The big creek descends gradually, in a series of short waterfalls.  

We often see crawdads [Or crayfish, if you insist.   But only if you insist] on the rocks around the falls.   This one is climbing the rock.

Photos: K1.
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