Sunday, April 10, 2011


We get little [and big] visitors all the time.    The edges of the creek bed are full of prints.   Here are some that we found this week.

So, who left these tracks?    With this handy-dandy Northwoods Tracks guide - put out by the Wildlife Conservation Society - we can find out.    [We got ours at the Muscatatuck NWR Nature Center.]

According to the guide, these tracks were raccoon:
This is a front left paw.  Notice the very long fingers tipped with a claw.  The claw marks in this print are very distinct - they aren't always.

These were possum.  [Or opossum, if you insist.   But only if you insist.]
Notice the very rounded finger tips.   The right print is from a left front paw.    The pad is very short - less than the length of the fingers.    The left print is from a left rear paw.   The pad is longer and there's an odd indentation that hangs way down off the right corner of the pad.  [Kind of hard to see in the photo.]

So, there you have it. 

Once in a while, if I'm really lucky, we find these tracks on the creek bed.  
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