Friday, May 27, 2011

Garden Nooks

Like most of the rest of my life, my garden is a collection of organized areas that really work, loosely connected by areas that are not so organized and that sometimes don't really work, but that are better than no areas at all.  

If you know what I mean.

Here is one of my favorite garden nooks.  It's one of those areas that really works - right off the back patio that we bricked over for a really big anniversary a couple of years ago.   To the right is our apple tree.  The tall plant to the right is comfrey [symphytum officinalis].

And here's another view...  The tall plant to the left is my siberian iris.

And here's a close up of that garden witch.  She was a gift from my mom a few years ago [Thanks again,  Mom!] This little creature has a lot of attitude and looks especially awesome with a candle inside.  She presides with a lot of style over the whole back area. 
At her feet we have a couple of antique hosta, a Japanese painted fern and a tiny 'mouse ears' hosta.  

This is one of the happiest places in our gardens. 

So tell me about your favorite garden nooks.
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