Monday, June 27, 2011

Mohair and Ribbon Triangle Shawl

I've been playing a lot with simple pattern ideas for ribbon yarns.   I especially like ribbons combined with yarns of other textures - like mohair - so I knitted up a very quick triangle shawl to show both yarns off.

This is all you need:

Needles:  11 or larger [The bigger the needles, the bigger the shawl]


The pattern is simple:

Cast on 3 with both yarns held together. 
Row 1:  Knit across with both yarns, increasing 1 stitch at the beginning and the end of the row. 
Row 2: Knit.
Row 3-4: With ribbon yarn only, repeat rows 1-2. 
Rows 5-6:  With mohair/ rayon yarn only, repeat rows 1-2. 

Continue on until you are almost out of yarn.  Bind off very loosely.  Cut and weave in ends.
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