Friday, June 24, 2011

Road Trip - Michigan: The water

So, they have a lot of water up there in Michigan.  

Lots of it, I tell you.   Lots and lots.   Dudes love their boats.  And fishing. 

As we were staying lakeside, I felt it incumbent upon me to share all that lake joy with you by taking advantage of the opportunity to photograph all that water and all those boats. 

Incumbent, I tell you!

This is the back yard of the place I stayed.  Right on the channel that leads to the lake.  

It faces east, so the morning light on the water makes the house all bright and cheery.  

Usually in the mornings, the channel is smooth as glass.   Then folks wake up and go fishing and skiing and sight seeing on their boats and the channel gets a lot less glassy. 

Dudes fish all the time.   In all weather.   When the channel ices over, they ice fish.    [I hear tell that it's no fun at all to have folks tramping through your yard all winter to ice fish.   No fun at all.]

I bet you catch more fish and ski better if you're in a red boat.  

I know I would.

No one was skiing off this boat.  He was probably trying to beat someone else to the best fishing. 

Here's another channel leading to the lake.   A lot of folks on the lake have pontoon boats like this one.  

They're not for skiing.  

They're for meandering around on the lake.   Or maybe fishing.   Or napping.   Or partying.  We saw one all decked out in Japanese lanterns for a party.  

This pic has nothing to do with boats, but I thought the textures were so pretty. 

And I wondered what they use all that wood for.  Since we didn't see a big fire pit outside,  or a 'Wood For Sale' sign, I assume they use it inside for heat.   They must live on the lake year round. 

If I lived on the lake I'd want a fire in the fireplace every night, too.  

And even if I didn't have a boat, I'd sit outside and paint the lake and the stuff in the lake and on the lake and all those dudes fishing and skiing.  And it would make me happy.


  1. Sometimes I miss living near the water, but I'd only want to live near a no-motor lake because I'd hate for loud noises to drown out the sound of the birds. :)

  2. Ohhhh, this looks lovely. I hope you got to stay long enough to really soak it in. I miss water.


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