Thursday, July 28, 2011

Commenting on a post

K2's hibiscus.  The flowers are huge.
Bloggers love comments.  

Comments show us that we're not just walking around talking to ourselves.

Not that we don't walk around talking to ourselves.

We do.  Sometimes. 

Comments let us know who's out there.  Knowing our audience is an important way of gauging our material.  

We like to gauge our material.   It's nice to talk to someone and not just send words out there to land wherever.   We like being revelant.   I mean relevant.  

We like being revelant, too, but we can only do that when our crystal ball is working and that hasn't happened in a while.  


Comments let us know what questions you have and what interests you have.    This is very helpful when we are stumped for topics.   I know it's hard to believe but occasionally the creative well runs a bit slow and we run out of ideas. 

Also, we don't always write as well, or clearly or completely as we think we do.  

So we like the help. 

OK.   I like the help.   [Really, what's with the royal 'we' business.]

Mostly, I just love hearing from you all. 

In case you want to comment on a post, and I hope you do, this is how you do it:
  • Look down at the bottom of the post.  If you're on the Home page you'll see the phrase:  ' ___ comments so far...'.   Click on that to take you to the post's comment page.   
  • If you're already on a post page, at the bottom of the post [and below the other comments, if there are any], you'll see a white rectangle below the words 'Post a Comment'.   Type your words of advice, wisdom and reaction there. 
  • Just below your text, you'll see 'Comment as'.    That lets you choose which ID you want to comment as.   If you don't want to use any of those IDs, you have two other options.   You can comment using your Name/URL, if you have a website or blog.   OR you can comment as Anonymous.    
  • Remember:  If you are commenting on a giveaway post,  you need to leave me your name - so if you post as Anonymous, make sure your name is in your comment.  
I hope I hear from you soon.   
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