Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tencel Roving

Tencel roving is shiny and beautiful.

And shiny.  

And silvery and shiny. 

I love it.  Especially because it's shiny. 

So I dyed up a whole bunch and put it on my Etsy site.  1 oz bundles.   $6/oz. 

You can spin tencel roving into beautiful fine shiny yarn - it's great plied with wool.  

Or, you can use tencel roving in nuno felting.   Gor. Geous.   

Or you can use tencel roving instead of silk in silk fusion [silk paper] projects.   

You need more fiber in your life.  I think you might need to try some of this.   Here are some more pics to whet your appetite.  

Tex Mex

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