Friday, December 30, 2011

Winter Weighs Heavy

It's true.   Winter is not my favorite time of year and this year it's getting to me.  

This is not due cold weather.   It's not cold.   In fact, it's quite lovely for the dregs of December.  We're having a nice warm rain right this minute.

In all likelihood, this is due to a year long on Too Busy, and short on Fun.  

So, today I ordered my veg seeds from Baker Creek.  

Ordering seeds is fun. 

Also, we are planning to add two new beds to the veg garden this weekend.    4 x 8 feet each, for our strawberries.  It will be easier to pick them from a path on both sides than it is to climb in the middle of the 8 x 10 bed and dodge the rhubarb. 

Building garden beds is fun.

If the winter stays mild, we'll start transplanting strawberry runners in February to get a head start on the season.   Then, after the June bearers finish bearing in the old bed in June, we'll finish ripping the old plants out and plant basil.    If I plant the everbearers early enough, then we might still get some berries in the fall off the new plants. 

Thinking about strawberries is fun.

I might make it through this winter after all. 

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