Friday, January 27, 2012


This is my spinning wheel.   I love it.

It's an Ashford Traveller, double drive, single treadle.  

I bought this wheel in 1990.  We finished it with tung oil and I love the glow. 

I bought a sterling silver orifice hook for it a few years ago.   You can just see it hanging from the tension knob by a blue ribbon. That orifice hook makes me happy.

 I've spun some nice yarn on this wheel. 

This weekend I'm teaching a spinning class at White Violet Center at St. Mary of the Woods College, just outside Terre Haute, Indiana.     The girls and I are headed up there this afternoon.   It's one of our favorite places to be.


  1. Have tons of fun!! I'll be with you in spirit. :)

  2. Beautiful wheel. Back when I was a tiny tot, one of the first things I remember begging my mother for for Christmas was a toy called "The little red spinning wheel". And I got it! As I recall, it really did spin, but you'd be putting yarn in it and it would spit out some kind of thick ropey thing. I wonder whatever happened to that...


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