Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rural Yard Decor

We have a little house, so while we were re-doing the bathroom, we had to put the toilet and tub somewhere, so they went outside.   


There's nothing that says redneck quite like a tub in your yard.  

Eric asked me if he should just dig a hole next to the fire pit and install it as a hot tub.    Then he suggested that we could use it as a big boiler for maple syrup.  

I think he's been living out here too long.

I was telling my sister about it and she sent me this great pic.
My favorite part is the garden gnome behind the toilet.    [If you look closely, it's a buddha, but that just hurts my brain, so I'm pretending it's a garden gnome.]  

It's the next big thing in rural yard decor.   

And you saw it here first.
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