Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Prison Towels

Just kidding about the prison thing. 

When I posted the first set of Prism towels,  one of my friends mis-read it as Prison Towels.  We made a bunch of jokes about towels in orange stripes.

Then I made these towels and Eric said, "Hey!  You made Prison Towels!'

Because we're old enough to remember when prisoners [on TV] were dressed in loud black and white stripes.

Not orange.

It was funny!




I like them.   And I'm thinking you will, too.  And if you want them, you can buy them!

The nitty gritty details:
They're handwoven by me, myself and I out of cotton. Shades of grey and black.  $20 each.   I do them in sets of four if you want a set.  Machine washed and dried.   16"x24" right out of the dryer.   Email me if you want them before they go up on etsy.   robin at morenna dot com
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