Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Visitor in the Cold Frame

We have two cold frames.

Last year a mysterious hole appeared right under a parsley plant in one of my cold frames.

It killed the parsley.   Which really made me mad.

So I dropped a brick in the hole.

But the hole came back.

So I shoved a big blue lake stone in the hole.

And the hole stayed gone for a while.

And then it came back.   You can see the brick and the blue stone that I used last year.

I think I'm going to give up this year and just let it co-exist.   I'll plant the parsley away from it.

I know you're wondering what made it and you're probably not going to believe me when I tell you.

So I"ll let you guess.

Let me know when you give up. 

Give up?

It's a crayfish hole.   We call them crawdads here.   It kind of hurts my brain to call them crayfish.  

We get these holes and muddy mounds all over the place.

All.  Over. The. Place.

Like in my coldframe, which is up on the hill, away from the creek and probably 20-30 feet higher in elevation.

Kinda makes me wonder if they have too much spare time on their hands.


  1. That's one persistent crawdad. Or three! I wonder what they're doing in there? That appears to be a huge hole compared to the size of the brick. How big do your crawdads *get*??

    1. They regularly get 6 inches but we've seen 8 inch ones. Like lobsters - crossing the road.

  2. What the hinkeypunk?! Clear up there?

  3. Perhaps you have an underground stream running through that area.


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