Friday, April 27, 2012

Cedar-Apple Rust Revisited

So, you remember last fall when we found those little brain-y looking things in our cedar trees?    We picked them off the cedars whenever we found them.   We missed this tree.

This is what happens in the Spring, when it's warm and rainy.   They turn into orange blobby things. 

I was walking up to the hives and saw this.   

Pretty, in a weird kinda way.  Like orange Christmas ornaments.

Here's a better look at the clusters.    There were a lot on this tree.  

Here's a good look at the 'bloom'.   These were easily as big as your fist.

We saw them on cedars down the road, too.

No apples on this place this year.

We've got three apple trees and this might be a good year to take out the two little ones and plant something else.   We'll keep the big one for shade.
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