Friday, April 6, 2012

Flowering Quince

We see these all over out here.  They bloom the same time as the daffodills and it's not uncommon to see a double row of daffodills a couple of feet apart marching up through the brush.    It means a house used to be there.   The daffs were planted on either side of the walk that led to the front door.   The quince blooms off to the side.

The Latin name is Chaenomeles.  Here's the Wiki article on them. I can't tell you the exact species because ours hasn't fruited.

I hope it does.   We've planted them in a couple of places where they can get BIG.   Our neighbor has an old one like ours [ours probably came from hers way back when] and it fruits. 

Maybe this year.

They bloom on old wood and can get 10 feet high.   This one is about 6 feet high.  It's in the back along a spring next to a dogwood. 


  1. Ooh, that's lovely. Have you ever made quince jam? I love the idea of the house that used to be there, announced by daffodils.

  2. I want a flowering quince now!


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