Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bee on Thyme Flowers

I can't remember which thyme this is - french, I think, but the bees found it as soon as it bloomed and every day I see a few on it. 

The bees also like the horehound flowers.    And I expect they'll be all over the lavender. 

UPDATE:  I see bees on the horehound all the time.   I have not seen a single bee on the now flowering lavender.   I'm surprised.

Note:  This pic was way better before blogger did its thing to it.   I'd say blogger cuts the pic quality by a good 20-30%.  I've noticed it before.  I wonder what the deal is. 


  1. How far do the bees travel from their hive?

    1. They like to stay within one mile, but they'll travel further if they need to . A 4 mile radius from the hive is not uncommon.

  2. I don't think our thyme is flowering yet, but that reminds me that I need to harvest my lavender if I want to make wands.

    I mostly post my iPhone photos to Blogger so I don't notice the decrease in quality. I've not figured out how to make the photos appear much larger (like they do on Amber's blog, for example).


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