Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bee Sting

When we were installing the bees, I got pinged on the tip of the thumb.   It was no big deal.   I watched her do it, so I wasn't surprised and so it didn't hurt much.   It didn't swell much and it didn't hurt long.  This means I'm likely bee immune.    A good thing for a beekeeper, don't you think?

Here is where she got me.   A foolish move on her part, because when she stings, the stinger rips out of her body and she'll die.    Silly bee.

Notice the little sacs on top of the stinger?    Those are full of venom.   You don't want to grab the stinger at the top and squeeze that venom into your finger.

No, you want to flick it off with the edge of a knife or card or your fingernail.   Don't squeeze it!

I used a fingernail to flick it out.   You can see those sacs are pretty big.   It would have hurt a lot more if they'd emptied into my poor thumb.  

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