Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bees - One month

It's been a month since we installed the bees.    They've drawn a lot of comb.   They've raised their first batch of brood.    This is what most of the brood comb looks like now.

On the outside is the new comb [left]- white and full of eggs. 

Just inside that area is an area of capped brood.

And to the center of the comb [right]- the oldest part of the comb - is an area where the first brood has hatched out and the queen has started laying new eggs.   It's darker because the bees have tracked pollen all over it.   Consider it bee patina. 

We're starting to see more bees around the place.   I saw several while I was mowing through the blackberries and we saw a couple in the gardens near the house, too.    As they build more comb, they'll hatch more eggs and there will be a lot more bees around the place to gather nectar and make honey.  

Rumor has it that they like cucurbits - squash, melons, cukes.   I've planted plenty and maybe I'll have a decent harvest this year.  


  1. This looks like a shot right out of National Geographic. So cool! Thanks for my beekeeping education! And for convincing me that some people were born to keep bees, and some people were born to be kept in awe of other people keeping bees.

  2. Hooray! Makes me happy to see your thriving brood. :)

  3. Very nice! I just did my second inspection and have some pictures very similar to how yours look. Hopefully I will have an update posted soon with the pics.


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