Monday, July 2, 2012

Rural Recycling

We saw a long row of the most adorable birdhouses I have ever seen in my life on the road that leads to Beehunter Marsh BH8 in Greene County, Indiana. 

They were made out of old barn wood.  You can see how the bottom edge has been rotted some where it met the ground.   So cute. 

There were dozens of these. 

There was one on every fence post down the road.  This is JR. 

Notice the recycled doorknob ears, the keychain earrings, the toothbrush, the mop and brush heads, etc.   

You'll want to go back at look at each one to fully appreciate the details. 

The details made me laugh right out loud.   This is Sally. 

Some were painted, like this one.   Every single one was full of character.  

This is rural recycling at its very finest.

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