Monday, October 1, 2012

Garden Report: Peppers

I thought you'd get a kick out of this.  We did.  It's one of our Lipstick peppers.  Cute, huh!

We grew four kinds of peppers this year:   Pepperoncini, Orange Bell, Lipstick, and Anaheim.   They are so beautiful!

Here's the report on each.

Pepperoncini:   These are marvelous little peppers, about the size of your thumb.   One plant goes a very long way and will produce dozens [dozens!] of peppers.   By the time they turn red, they can be pretty warm.   Ours have been pretty hot for the past couple of years - much warmer than they're supposed to get.    We got our seed from Baker Creek [] and it's possible that the strain they grow is just warmer than the average pepperoncini.    Personally, I prefer the very mild ones.    I'll keep looking till I find a strain that I like. 

Lipstick:   These are a medium, elongated pepper, very mild.   Some were shorter and fatter.  They look like smaller, squatter versions of the Anaheims.   They're about the size of a young child's fist.  They have a thinner flesh, but it's mighty tasty.  We loved these stuffed.   Definitely ones we'll do again.

Anaheim:   I grew these because we wanted a mildly warm pepper and we are so pleased with them!   They have gotten long 6-8 inches.   They are warm, but not too warm.   The flesh is on the thin side and very tasty in things like omelets, etc.    We'll be doing these again. 

Orange Bell:   These are the classic green pepper shape and if you pick them green, then they have the classic mild green pepper flavor.  If you let them ripen, they turn this gorgeous color.  These peppers are thick fleshed, tender and fabulous when stuffed. 

We got all of our pepper seeds from Baker Creek [].   
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