Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wood Cookstoves

Dear Santa,

I've been worried about surviving a wintertime zombie apocalypse.  You know, or even just a blizzard.  Or an ice storm.     I'm not so big on the whole hypothermia thing. 

I'd be happy with any of these!  [You can get them from Lehman's]

Pretty please?

1.   By  AGA, of course.   Artisan wood-burning stove.

Price tag:  $9000

And how cute is this kitchen! 

2.  The Sweetheart wood cookstove.

Price tag:   $5700

It comes in several colors:  White, black, almond, green, blue.

3.  The Baker's Oven wood/heat cookstove

Price tag:  $2695

Extremely practical and downright thrifty compared to the other two.  This is designed for smaller spaces and has a dual function of heat and cooking.   It's not nearly as big as the others, but does have both a cooktop and an oven for emergency cooking.
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