Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hand-dyed Nylon Ribbon Yarn

I love this stuff. 

It's shiny.  Need I say more?

I've just put a bunch of it up on Etsy, so go check out all the colors here.

There are two sizes of skeins.   The smaller are 200 yds [top photo, Aurora] $20.  These smaller ones have been re-skeined after dyeing.

The larger skeins are 395 yds [bottom photo, Summer] $35.  These skeins were not re-skeined after dyeing. 

I use it in knitting and weaving - I especially love it in a shawl paired up with a handful of other softer yarns.

Knitting:  size 15-19 needles.
Crochet:  size O hook or larger.
Weaving:  6-8 epi by itself or 10-12 epi stranded with other finer yarns.
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