Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January Mushrooms

We had the Big Snow.

Then it got warm and rained and it all melted.

Then it was 60 degrees and rained a lot more, hard, all in one evening.   We had a big flood during the night.

When we went out to check the damage the next morning, we discovered this on a willow stump next to our creek.    The temps were back down in the 30s by then, and it was gray and cloudy.  This thing glowed!

I think it's a fungus called Chicken of the Woods.  [Here's more on it.] It's supposed to be choice and delicious.   We're not very brave with our local fungus - morels and chanterelles are all we'll eat because they're all I can reliably identify.   I've heard of this one, and if I can get some trustworthy verification, I'll try it. 

It sure is pretty. 
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