Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chocolate Raspberry Jam

I saved my favorite for last.

Confession.   Those are frozen raspberries.  Which is why they don't look fresh.  They used to be fresh before they were frozen.    I'm hoping that counts since it's February and fresh raspberries cost as much as a new transmission, which is costly, let me tell you. 

And let me tell you that even though these were frozen raspberries, this jam was so delicious that it was all I could do to pry it away from everyone and not eat the entire contents of the jar for dinner.

It's that good.

Chocolate Raspberry Jam

1   12 oz. pkg frozen raspberries.   Or 2 cups.  Whatever.
1 cup water
2 Tablespoons Low Sugar pectin [Use only 1 T to keep it thin enough for ice cream.]
1 cup sugar
chocolate:  1.3 oz chocolate bar or 1/3 cup chocolate chips.  Or as much as you want.   Seriously.  

Cook the raspberries and pectin in the water until the raspberries are soft and broken up.  Feel free to mash them more if you like.   Bring to a hard rolling boil and boil for one minute.   Add sugar and chocolate.  Return to boil.   Boil one minute.    Yield: Just over a pint.

Note:  This was sweet, but it wasn't very sweet.   You might want to add more sugar especially if you're using a dark or less sweet chocolate.   Taste it after you've added the sugar and chocolate and things have melted down.    If it needs to be sweeter add 1/2 cup more sugar.    Then finish.

On ice cream.   A. Mazing.

UPDATE:   I used regular pectin for this jam and it did not gel at all.    You really need a lot of sugar to make regular pectin work.   Keep your eyes open for low sugar pectin and use that whenever you can so that you have a lot of flexibility over how much sugar you use in a recipe.     I recommend 2 T low sugar pectin here because I know that gels when I make raspberry jam.    1 T will give a soft gel.

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