Saturday, February 2, 2013

Poop Quiz

I finally found some more great poop so it's time for another poop quiz.  

WARNING:   This is a poop quiz.   These pics are of actual poop.   Poop happens.  It happens everywhere out here.    If you're uncomfortable with poop, then go right on to the next post and we'll meet you there.

For the rest of you:  

The rules:
  1. Guess what made the poop.    
  2. Comment. 
  3. It's really more fun if you comment.   Seriously. 

Click the pics to blow them up for details. 

You'll notice in the pic that the poop is on asphalt.  It was on the road up the way from us.   The whole specimen was the size of a man's palm.  Not huge.

Notice the white shards.

Notice the hairs.

You can probably guess what left this and what it's last dinner was.  


  1. I believe it was a coyote too. I think the hair and shards are from a bunny :( Poor thing!

  2. I'm going to guess some kind of large cat, because that's not what others said and because I'm fully convinced they're in your area.

  3. Coyote would be my guess too. And I wish it'd come eat our rabbits who are great destroyers of our young trees. :P


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