Tuesday, April 30, 2013


We plant a new hellebore every few years.   They like lots of leaf mulch under the trees and when they're really happy, they spread and spread.   Ours aren't really so happy.  We cover them with yard leaves in the winter and the chickens scratch them up and the dog sleeps in the leaves on top of the hellebores.   

Some of them are tough enough to survive though.  This is Helleborus niger.   We got this one a couple of years ago and it bloomed as soon as the weather warmed up.  

I think that if we can ever keep the chickens off this part of the garden, we could probably get a nice stand of these going.   


  1. I was just looking up hellebore at wiki because I was watching the new series on Leonardo da Vinci and it came up. So I wondered about it. I learned a lot! And here you are writing about them! :-)

  2. I love these so much. I have four right now, and I've easily killed another three or four.


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