Sunday, May 5, 2013


This is a worker bee.  She was taking a break in the grass.

Notice the small eyes.  She'll sting you if you make her mad.
This is a drone. [He came to visit me and crawled around my arm for a while.]

Notice the big eyes.  No stinger.  When they fly they sound deeper and meaner, but they're not. They're just bigger.  Often, I see the hind legs hanging down when they fly - wasp-like.  They're clumsy fliers and I've seen them land upside down on the top of the hive and then take a while to reorient. 

I saw drones flying at the end of April, which means if we want to split the hive, we can do it any time now.   The flow is not quite on and we want to get them split before the flow.

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