Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Poison Ivy Identification

This is poison ivy.  It is not your friend.

Leaves of three, let it be.

Here's more.  Don't touch it!

Here's more.   And below it on the ground is Virginia creeper.  

Virginia creeper has 5 leaves.  It's annoying, but it's not going to cause blisters. 

That's poison ivy on the far left and Virginia creeper on the ground.  5 leaves.  It creeps.
This often confuses people.  3 leaves....but wait - does that one have a little 4th?  Yes.   It's baby Virginia creeper.   It creeps.  

Baby poison ivy raises its head above the grass to see what's going on. It doesn't creep.  It never has a 4th leaf.

1 comment:

  1. Also there is the red stem on poison ivy, and the telltale shape of the leaves: think mittens on your crossed hands with the thumb being the notched spot for the two outer leaves, then bring your hands together one on top of the other, thumbs still out, for the middle leaf.


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