Monday, July 8, 2013

Herbal Vinegars

We use herbal vinegars for all sorts of dressings and sauces.   I usually have a half dozen bottles of all sorts hanging around in the pantry.

And then we ran out.   All at once.    They tell me we've been eating a lot of salad lately and when you eat salad, you eat dressing - at least I do - and it's easy to zoom through a lot of vinegar. 

So I sat down and made a bunch more vinegars.

Here's how it works.  Pay attention.  It's really complicated.

Step 1.  Gather your herbs and wash them.
Step 2.  Put the herbs in jar or bottle.
Step 3.  Pour vinegar over them.
Step 4.  Put lids on.

OK.   I totally lied to you about how complicated it is.   It's easy.

Super easy.

Super.  Dooper.  Easy. 

Easy, I tell you. 

Go make some.  

What kind of vinegar?    Any kind of vinegar.   Start with plain white vinegar if you're new to this.  It's cheapest and easiest to find.

What herb combinations?   I know this part can get overwhelming, so here is a list of some of the combinations that I like.

Italian:   thyme, oregano, garlic, rosemary, basil
Provencal:  thyme, sage, rosemary, chive, garlic
Fennel:  fennel, chive
Chive:  chive flowers [It's pink!!]
Basil:  red basil or green basil.  [Red basil makes a glorious pink vinegar!]
Dill-Garlic:  dill leaves and flowers, garlic cloves.   A bit of lemon peel is great in this vinegar, too.

Go make some. 


  1. How long do they need to sit before the vinegar is infused? Also, got any good salad dressing recipes? Or is it just oil and vinegar? Speaking of oil, do you have a recipe for herbal oils on here too?

    Thanks, O Rurified Goddess!

    1. They are plenty infused overnight, but they'll continue to mellow for a while. I leave the herbs in and store the vinegars in a cupboard. My favorite salad dressing recipe is the Italian Dressing from the Betty Crocker cookbook. Let me know if you need that specific recipe.

      I don't do herbal oils because they spoil before we use them. Herbal oils are best used right away [within a few days] and they need to be stored in the fridge here because of so much ambient mold. Refrigerated oil is hard to pour. It was a pain, so we quit trying.

    2. Ah. I get you on the oil. "Ambient mold" just sounds . . . well, like the name of a rock band, frankly. But also not good in oil.

      Thanks! PS - How long do you find that your vinegars last? Indefinitely?

    3. Heh. You're right about the rock band... The vinegars do last indefinitely with no refrigeration. I cap/cork them tightly and keep them in a cupboard. I've never had a problem even with vinegars that are more than a couple years old. The herbs get nasty looking, but if you strain them out [sometime after a month], then you don't have to worry about that.


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