Monday, September 2, 2013

Making Pie Filling with Perma Flo

As you know, I've been doing a lot of experimenting with Perma Flo in my quest to make pie filling that I can can and will stay shelf stable for a long time.  

Note: Perma Flo and Therm Flo are the same thing [as far as I've been told.  Correct me if you know better.].  These directions will work for either product.

Experiment 1 is here. I followed their directions to add the dry Perma Flo to the boiling fruit mix. I didn't like that it clumped hard immediately in the pot.  Left some clumps in final pie.

Experiment 2 is here. Runny.  [Hey, I had to start somewhere.  If you're going to make a masterpiece, you've got to give yourself permission to make some duds.   This was definitely dud material.  But it was great over chocolate cake!]

Experiment 3 is here.  Still gloopy.  Left some clumps in final pie.

Experiment 4 is here.  Good!  But got thick super fast. 

Yeah, it's been a real journey.   I'm thorough.

I am happy to report that my final experiment with Perma Flo was a complete success.   I decided to see what would happen if you added the Perma Flo slurry to the cold fruit goo before you boiled it.

It worked!

This is my favorite way to use Perma Flo.  It works with either macerated or fresh fruit and gives a terrific product.   Multiply this recipe by the number of quarts of pie filling you want.  One quart of pie filling makes one pie.  Your batch can be as big as your pot can handle. 

Making Pie Filling with Perma Flo

4 cups fruit [fresh or frozen]
3/4 cup sugar  [1 cup sugar for sour cherries]
1/4 cup Perma Flo
1/4 cup water

Mix the fruit and sugar.  You can let it macerate overnight or you can cook it up right away.   Make a slurry with the Perma Flo and water and when you're ready to cook the filling, add it to the cold fruit and sugar.  The Perma Flo mixture will be cloudy white.  Heat to boil,  stirring frequently.   When it reaches a boil, the Perma Flo will thicken and become clear.  

Ladle into jars.  Cover with clean lids and rings.  Process quarts 30 minutes.  


  1. Was just wondering if you can freeze the pie before you bake it using the perma flo fruit filling? Not sure I want to practice so close to Thanksgiving

    1. We have not tried that, but once the pie filling is made, I don't see a problem putting it in a crust and freezing it, then baking the whole thing later.

    2. It worked great. Thank You so much.


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