Thursday, September 19, 2013

Winter Squash Roundup 2013: Part 3

This is the squash class of 2013.   Back row:  Musquee de Provence [3].
Middle:  Honeyboat delicata [4], Queensland Blue [1], Greek Sweet Red [1]
Right side:  Rampicante [2]
Front:  Black Futsu [3, pink with the blue cast], Tiny Whites, Australian Butter [1]

I love that the rampicante squash look like long necked birds.   They can harvested green, like summer squash, and which encourages lots of new squash, or you can wait until they turn beige.   They're orange inside then and are an excellent winter squash.   We like them that way. 

Here's the Australian Butter.   The vine succumbed early to vine borers and it didn't seem to like the cool wet weather we had early in the  summer.   I did manage to get this one though.   I think that under the right conditions, these would be good bearers and get much bigger.   I'll try them again.

This is a Greek Sweet Red.  I've grown them before and really like that they put on a late summer push.   I can get several new squash in September and October.   They're dense and delicious.  One of my favorites. 

How was your squash production this year?

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