Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Feast of the Hunters' Moon

A couple of weeks ago we spent a morning at this year's Feast of the Hunters' Moon in Lafayette, Indiana at Ft. Ouiatenon.

It was splendid.

Splendid, I tell you!

I always take a ton of pictures and we talk to amazing people doing really interesting things.  The food is terrific.  There are loads and loads of people in costume walking around and as usual, I came home with enough material for acres of blog posts.  

Blow these pics for some terrific details.

Never fear!  I've split them up into topics and you'll see them appear over the next few weeks.

Here are a few pics that wouldn't fit elsewhere.  This is one of the regiments.   Someone was heard to say, 'Look!  Officers! If you drop your handkerchief...'  [Name that movie.]


Musket balls.   I thought they were marbles.  Nope.  Get a load of those lead ingots at the bottom.  In case you want to make your own balls.   And those are real powder horns made out of real horns.

While we were talking to the naval explosives guy, I caught this pic of a man in the back of the Navy encampment.   Look at what he's writing with.    There, in front of the river, it was one of those magic Feast moments. 

Some of the young people who come dressed in costume.  A little boy walking by said, "Look!  A lady pirate!".
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