Tuesday, October 29, 2013


We saw so much cool stuff at Feast of the Hunters' Moon this year that I have enough for several posts.  

This year, I took a longer look at the booths full of furs.  They were amazing.   This is a huge buffalo skin.   

There were plenty of cow skins and leather of all kinds. 

One of the most interesting things we saw was this coat made out of coyote skins.   I thought that was a pretty good use of coyotes.   

The man with the coyote coat had a great little display of skins.  Fox, skunk, mink, rabbit, groundhog, etc.  

Traditionally skins were cleaned well of all tissue and debris, then cured and later softened with the brains of the animal.   Each animal has just enough brains to use to tan its hide.  

Gross, but kind of interesting. 

Later, we found a booth full of all kinds of skins.  This was a stack of coyote skins so we could make our own coat if we wanted to.   [We didn't.]   They also had deer, cow, rabbit, sheep and all sorts of others, too.   

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