Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cedar Berries - Juniper Berries

These are the berries of the eastern red cedar tree - Juniperus virginiana.   They're so pretty - especially this time of year when all the leaves are down.

I did a search for information on the uses of the berries and discovered that many places sell cedar berries - but it's a different cedar, Juniperus monosperma.  

So, I did another search and found that some people do indeed eat/use berries from both the eastern red cedar [Juniperus virginiana] and the southern red cedar [Juniperus silicicola]. 

Note:  According to this site from the University of Florida, some botanists don't make a distinction between  J. virginiana and J. silicicola.   

People seem to think they're OK when used as a flavoring [for gin, meat, sauerbraten], but not eaten in bunches. 

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