Wednesday, December 18, 2013

First Aid Kits

We always keep a small first aid kit in the car.    Last month, I tripped on a curb and banged up both knees.  It was nice to have a kit in the car stocked with antibiotic cream and big band aids.  The lady at the store provided a wet cold paper towel to clean with and the girls patched me up.  The only thing irreparably damaged was my dignity, which apparently one does not need, in order to continue living.  

At any rate, it was a good moment to go through the kit in the car and see what needed to be replaced, updated, etc.

Since we were going to Walmart anyway, I picked up a brand new kit for the car for only $10.  It's a pretty good one, too.  [In the pharmacy section next to the band aids.  Maybe on the shelf near the floor.]

$10.   This means that you can get good first aid kits for cheap stocking stuffers for everyone in your family with a car.   Do. It.   You won't be sorry.

I took the box from the old kit and used it for little stuff in my big Bug Out Bag first aid kit.

I have some wipes, gloves, ibuprofen, a thermometer, antibiotic cream, hand sanitizer, a little first aid guide, some gauze, tape and band aids.   It all fits nicely in the plastic box and keeps that stuff from getting lost in the Big First Aid Kit.

This is the Big First Aid Kit where I keep the ace bandages, triangular bandages, lots more boxes of band aids of different sizes, gauze, tape, hand splints, etc.   The plastic box fits right in there and I know right where to find it if we had to bug out and had an injury to deal with.

You still have plenty of time to put first aid kits on your holiday lists.   Santa would love to see you a little bit more prepared. 


  1. What a fantastic idea, Robin! I think this is a great gift idea for anyone. Thanks for suggesting it. Merry Christmas a little early! We've got around 12" of snow on the ground but warm weather will be arriving this weekend, kind of bummed - was hoping for a white Christmas.

  2. That’s quite a bargain for a first aid kit! Although I do have to ask what are the items inside? You see, sometimes even the ready-made first aid kits from stores still lack some vital items, like basic medicines for example, or even a thermometer. Nevertheless, getting a first aid kit is really a good idea for all car owners.

    Harvey Foster

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