Monday, December 2, 2013

Ground Cherries or Horse Nettle

There were still a few of these around in November, here and there among the dying weeds.  The very cold temps we got a week or so ago did most of them in.  I believe they are ground cherries.  I remember eating them as a kid, but haven't done so in decades.  They are a Physalis, related to tomatoes. 

Chime in if you know anything about these.   I'd love to know more.

UPDATE 12/5/13:   Thanks to reader C Helms, we have another option for these berries.   They look an awful lot like Horse Nettle, Solanum carolinense.  No husk.

The big difference seems to be that the physalis ground cherries have a husk that looks a lot like a paper lantern.   Horse nettles are often thorny - and they have varying levels of toxicity, so be careful before eating any. 
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