Friday, February 14, 2014

New Seeds!

A few of the seeds I ordered for this year's veg garden.   I ordered from Baker Creek [].

I'm going to try turnips this year among other things.    Last year was not a good year for my garden - poor strawberries, poor tomatoes, poor eggplant, etc.

I was thinking that the best eggplant are probably grown in the south, where it's good and hot and there's a very long season.   Then I heard a rumor that most of the world's eggplant is produced in New Jersey.   I checked the zone map here to find out what zone they mostly are. Most of New Jersey is in zone 6.    Interesting.  Perhaps it was just a good year for bugs last year and not a bad year for eggplant.   Given the cold we've had this year, I'm hoping the bugs are taking a good beating and that my veggies will do better.

Assuming it ever gets warm again, what will you be growing this year?  

1 comment:

  1. Nothing says think Spring better than receiving seed catalogs and your seed order soon after! I already have some Bee Balm seedlings growing strong.


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