Wednesday, March 12, 2014


The creek ice is melting away.   We've never seen it so thick as we have this year.   Click these pics to blow them up big enough to really see how beautiful it is.

This ice looked like pillows from Christmas until this week.  

This section has wiggly squiggly layers and was our favorite as far as weird ice goes this year.

We loved the swoops and icicles in this section.

Icicles under every rock along the creek.  

They're lovely, but I'll be glad to see them leave.


  1. Gorgeous! Did it freeze solid or was there a bit of water flowing under it all? It looks like it was completely immobilized!

    1. It did freeze solid during/after the polar vortex. This is the first time it ever froze all the way. More ice than I ever care to see again.


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