Sunday, May 25, 2014

Looking for Luck

I am a believer in omens. 

But only the good ones.

See that rainbow?   It happened the other day when it was raining really hard but the sun was shining.  It's an omen - a very, very good omen.   It means we're going to have a fantastic year.  

And did you notice that it's a double rainbow?    [Look to the right, very faint].  It means double the luck.

Other lucky omens are four leaf clovers - very lucky.   Claire is a genius at finding four leaf clovers.

Large flocks of black birds - very lucky.

Bald eagles - even luckier.

Great blue herons - lucky, too.

Also, any cool thing we see in the woods: wood ducks, salamanders, snakes, rare wildflowers, the neighbor's cow.     Lucky, lucky, lucky.

Those yellow signs on the roads out here that tell about an upcoming curve?    Lucky.

So are yellow irises in town.  And license plates with the letter V in them. 

We find luck in a lot of places.   Looking for good omens helps me remember that the world is just as full of good things as stressful ones.   It's not always easy for me to have a good attitude but whenever I see a good omen, I laugh and remember that the world is a blessed place and my life is generally as happy as I'm willing to let it be.  

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