Monday, November 17, 2014

Digging Out

I've been neglecting the blog this fall.   I've missed you!

We've been working on some pretty intensive house projects over the past few weeks and now that we've got a handle on that, I'll get some of these pics up for you to see. 

While Eric was doing the decon-reconstruction so we could put on a second floor, the girls and I had the very glamorous job of digging out the ell and picking up the roof trash and putting it in the dumpster.

This pic is of the ell, newly dug out.   That's the basement wall on the right. The phone line comes up on it.  You can see the dirt line and how far we had to dig down.   By hand.  Into buckets.  Which we had to haul up and over the new foundation to dump. 

It took us 3 days.   I dug and put the dirt in a bucket, Lily moved the bucket to the top of the foundation and Claire dumped.   We had a 3 bucket system and things moved pretty smoothly.   Now there is a very nice crawl space area under that part of the house.  

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