Sunday, November 2, 2014

Little White Mushroom

I saw this in the grass the other day.   It was charming so I snapped a pic.

Mushrooms grow all over, here.   They like the damp.  We know a few edible varieties and just stay away from the rest.  

I went to a mushroom ID site to find out what this one is. I think it's  Leucoagaricus leucothites.

It looks similar to an amanita, which is deadly, so we won't be messing around with these any time soon.  David Fisher's American Mushroom site has some great descriptions of the two. 


  1. I'm pretty nervous around mushrooms. We didn't eat any chanterelles the first time our neighbors introduced us to them until they ate them for a few days and didn't drop dead. ;)

  2. Do these give a decent dye color?


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