Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dye Classes!

I'll be teaching two classes this June 27, 2015 at White Violet Center in St. Mary of the Woods, Indiana [just northwest of Terre Haute].   This is a great opportunity to come and learn how to dye protein [animal] fibers in a very fun and friendly place.

Full details are here:

UPDATE 4/16/15:   There is usually a registration link on their page, but it seems to be missing.   To register, use this contact info until they get the registration link back up on the Events page.

White Violet Center for Eco-Justice:  Event Registration

Color Basics and Harmonies:
Take the mystery out of putting colors together. Learn how to combine colors in beautiful ways. Topics will include basic color theory, using color tools, wheels and books, classic color combinations, etc. Spend time making your own color notebooks. Expect to get a lot of practice putting colors together and using your new skills. This class is indispensable for anyone who works with color–artists, quilters, knitters/crocheters, sewers, interior designers, even gardeners!

Dyeing Animal and Protein Fibers:
Explore the use of acid dyes to turn your stash of ‘boring’ protein yarns and fibers into designer yarns and fibers that you will be excited to knit, weave or spin. Using safe and mild acid dyes, students will learn how to put several colors onto a skein to make variegated yarns. Students may bring their own wool, mohair, alpaca, soy silk, or silk fibers and yarns to work with. White or light colors work best.
[These dyes will not work on cotton, rayon, bamboo, tencel, acrylic, cellulose or synthetic fibers.   Make sure you bring animal fibers!]

These are some of the most fun classes I teach all year.   I hope you can join us for a really fun day.

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