Sunday, May 17, 2015

Row Covers

We have never been able to grow anything in the cabbage family here.   We have a multitude of cabbage moths just waiting to pounce and as soon as things are planted, they are covered with cabbage worms.

Early this spring, Eric got me this handy dandy quick hoop row cover to see if we could actually grow brassicas without also growing a million cabbage worms, too.  

It totally worked.    Kept all the cabbage moths away and I now have cauliflower, broccoli, chard and cabbages growing like gangbusters under that protective cover.

Eric got this one at Menard's.   It's the 12-18" high version, 10' long - just long enough for one of my raised beds. [I'm hoping to find a taller version next year so the broccoli isn't so crowded.]  It was easy for me to set out all by myself.   The black net is reasonably strong and I expect it will last for several years. 

That is a real live cauliflower in there - almost ready to eat.   I'm so excited!

I'm definitely going to try to get at least one more for next year.  Then I can separate the short stuff and the tall stuff. 


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