Saturday, May 23, 2015


I have a stack of medium supers waiting behind my hives to use as tall shims for when the flow abates and I need to feed the bees.   Eric built these for me.  He built a great jig for the handles.  Handles are good. 

I put a jar of 1:1 sugar syrup upside down over the screened opening in the center of my inner covers and then one of these supers around it.   It protects the jar, the bees can't build comb in it and when the bees are ready to start making me lots of honey, I can put frames in them and use them for honey supers.     I can put extra frames in them for storage if I need to - the jars are about 3 frames width, so I can still store 6-7 frames in each box if I needed to. 
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