Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Weatherproofing the New Construction

We've been weatherproofing the new construction.   

It's been interesting.

Last winter, we kept the cold out because the basic integrity of the old structure had been maintained and the new construction was over and around it.  

This year, however, we cut a giant hole in the ceiling so we could have inside stairs.   Those stairs had to go from the existing [and very short, 7' tall] 1st story ceiling, up through the space where old roof used to be, past where the new 2nd story floor is and up into the new 2nd story.  

See that pic at the top?   All that plywood on the sides of the stairwell is new wall where open air used to be between the old construction and new.   That air is still open in places to the great outdoors.   Also, there is about 12 inches between the new walls and the old walls.   You can see how thick that section is at the top of the pic next to the wall.  

Eric closed it all in and stuffed it full of batt insulation for now.    He sealed every seam with spray foam. 

Spray foam drips are oh, so elegant.  [Maybe I ought to spray them with glitter and call it holiday decorations?]

Another issue was that two rooms upstairs still have no drywall and are open into the roof.

These pieces of plastic are folded around each other in the middle so you can still get in and out, but air transfer is limited.   That will keep us fine until we have a chance to drywall those rooms or close off the ceilings and then install the roofing insulation.

The last big issue is two large window openings waiting for the last of the big windows to go into.   For now, those are closed up with insulation board.  

In addition, we need to install the duct-work from the furnace to the 2nd floor.  

We had our first real cold snap last week.   With some judiciously placed space heaters and fans to move the warm around, things stayed very comfortable.   With every new task done, things will get better.  

Our fall weather is reasonably mild but cooling through November.   By Thanksgiving we should have the duct-work in,  windows in, last two ceilings closed up, roofing insulation in and some of the other exterior openings-to-old-roof buttoned up as well.    I'm praying for a very mild fall and a lot of dry weekend weather.

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