Monday, May 16, 2016

2015 Canning and Freezing Report

Here's the summary of what we canned in 2015.   I've probably left a couple of things out but you get the general idea.   Also, I've put in quantities of fruit plus the canned yield so you can get an idea of how far a bushel will go, etc.  I've updated the Canning page [tab above so I can keep a record of the 2016 season.   I'm excited to get this season going.

  • Carrots:  7 quarts. [pressure canned].  Great for carrot cake!
  • Maple Syrup:   8 pts
  • Strawberries - 1 flat [2 gallons] Reeves in Worthingon/Freedom: frozen
  • Peaches [Freedom Country Store]:  2 bushels
    • Plain peach jam for cookie/pie fillings:  2 batches
    • Spiced peach jam with brown sugar
    • Peach Chutney: 2 batches
    • Peach pie filling:  38 quarts total [Spiced 7, Peach Raspberry Vanilla 20, Peach Plum Vanilla  11]
    • Froze several bags full - store flat to freeze.
  • Blueberries [Freedom Country Store]:  1 box, 10 lbs - frozen
  • Sour Cherries [Freedom Country Store]:  1 box, 10 lbs:  11 quarts pie filling
    • NOTE:  Make this after the mixed berry pie filling in the same pot for better color.
  • Sweet Cherries [Freedom Country Store]: 3 boxes, 20 lbs each:  
    • Sweet Cherry Vanilla jam:  7 batches
    • Sweet Cherry Chutney: 3 batches
  • Mixed Berries for Amy [Freedom Country Store]:  1 flat  red raspberries, 1 flat black raspberries
    • pie filling 11 quarts
    • mixed berry freezer jam with instant clear jel:  6.5 pints
  • Tomatoes:  2 boxes [from Reeves in Worthington.  $10 / 25 lb box]: 28 quarts
  • Tomasqua from garden produce:  7 quarts 
  • Green beans:  from the garden.   I swear we froze a million bags of them.  OK, probably closer to 8-10 gallons.   Way a lot. 
  • Apples: 1 bushel Gala = 22 quarts pie filling
  • Apples:  1/2 bushel Gala, 1/2 bushel Honeycrisp = 24 quarts apple slices in light syrup. 
  • Red Raspberries:  1 1/2 flats [1 1/2 gallons] from Freedom Country Store, discounted for age 
    • 3 quarts pie filling
    • 3 large batches jam: 12 pints
  • Beans, dry off the vine:  Almost 3 quarts total, mixed.   
    • The Kentucky wonder beans were FABULOUS to hull and came right out of the shells easily.   I shelled those, plus some Freshette hybrids [a pain to hull], plus a few dragon tongues, plus a few long beans.  And they're pretty!  Great reason not to feel pressure to harvest them all green for the freezer or canner.

I'm so looking forward to this year!
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