Friday, November 11, 2016

Fixing the Fridge

Our fridge has developed the habit of collecting quarts of water on the bottom under the crispers.  


We cleaned it out twice and the problem returned.  Probably half gallon of water in there. This time, I emptied the whole blasted thing [OK, fine.  Except for the doors.] and got online to find a permanent fix.  

I found one in less than a minute.

I totally heart DIYers.  Seriously.  We live in an amazing place where people are so generous with their time and tips and information.  People are awesome.  Thanks to everyone who posts stuff on forums [fora?] on YouTube, on Amazon, etc.   I love you.

If you landed here because you have the same problem, this link helped me most:

I could have waited for Eric to come and do it, but the fridge was already empty and hey, I'm capable. Right?

I couraged up, found a screw driver and a hairdryer, and went at it.   All by myself, except that Claire found an extension cord for me for the hairdryer.   Thanks, Claire!

  • I turned off the power to the fridge [IMPORTANT!!]
  • I took out the screws holding the back panel on.
  • I removed parts and found more screws.   Take them out too.  
  • I prayed a lot at this point that I would remember where all the screws go.
  • The panel was iced in completely, so I warmed it up and took it out.  [TIP:  If the plastic cover looks like it's going to pull off the styrofoam behind it, wait and warm it up until the foam pulls out with it.]
  • There was tons of ice in there.   I defrosted everything until the drain was clear.
The problem exists because of a design flaw with the fridge.   Once Eric gets home with a piece of fat copper wire, I can wrap an end around the defroster and stick the other end in the drain and that will take care of it for a loooooong time.  

Yay refrigerator fixes!   Yay internet!   Yay people!

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