Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Tulip Poplars and Sumac

© Robin Edmundson, 'Tulip Poplars and Sumac', watercolor, 18 x 24 inches.
Framed to 24 x 32 inches.  $750.

Some pieces take longer than others.  I did the first draft of this one waaay back in the fall and loved some things about and really didn't love others.   Mostly I loved the way it *felt*.

I showed it to a few other painters and got some feedback, which I didn't agree with, so I set it aside to think about. Eventually, I came back to it and tried a couple of things which didn't really work, so I took the advice I was given and discovered why I didn't agree with it.   In doing that, I learned a few extra things, so the experimentation was well worth the risk and result of a dud painting.

I painted another draft, tried more things, learn more things and was still not happy with the result.  So I painted another one.  And another.   And another.  And another.  And then this one.

I don't love this one as much as I find it interesting every time I see it. The version before was a bigger hit with the family, but this is the one that best says what I want it to say. 

The two versions sat side by side for a few weeks while I decided which I wanted to frame for my upcoming show.  Do I choose the one that is more popular with the viewers [and thereby has a better chance to sell?]  Or do I choose the one that most delights the artist? 

I chose this one.   I am delighted.


  1. Hi Robin, As always, this is gorgeous Wish I could afford to buy your art, as it always speaks to me of the rural lifestyle, that I think we both love. Hoping you and your family are well during this. Please keep painting, canning, posting. Love all of your work.

    1. Thanks Linda! That is very kind of you. We are all well and hunkered down. It's an odd combination of heightened awareness and slowing down. The garden is blooming, the birds are doing all the spring things. I'm grateful.


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